Mid-Mo Pridefest Vector


Aardvarx has been providing fun and exciting products to the community for 55 years!  We have a large selection of smoking accessories but that’s just the beginning.  There are so many other things to make you smile, from jewelry and clothes, to home decor.  We carry a large variety of incense and candles as well.  […]

Accounting Plus

It’s like having your own accounting department When you outsource your accounting work to us, it’s like having a trusted advisor on staff. Our team handles all of your monthly, quarterly and annual accounting tasks so you can focus on what’s important—running your business. We work collaboratively with you to support a streamlined and highly […]

Ikaria Design Company

A cushy desk job was once a badge of success. Now, sitting all day can be a recipe for declining health. Ikaria Design is devoted to helping you invigorate your workday with movement, making your evenings more about enjoying your life and less about recovering from work. We want to break down the physical, mental, […]