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  • 10×20 booth space complete with tent, table, chairs, and a cooler with water
    • We will provide and set up a 10×20 area with either a 10×20 tent or 2 10×10 tents for both days of the event
    • You will receive 1 table for both days of the event
    • You will receive 2 chairs for both days of the event
    • You will receive a cooler with ice and water for both days of the event
  • Your choice of location at the event
    • You can choose your location on the map for both days of the event (based on availability). The earlier you register, the more choices you will have
  • Automatically reserves booth space both days of the event
    • All booth spaces are required to attend both days unless specified as a religious or community organization that holds regularly scheduled services or meetings on Saturday or Sunday
Mid-Missouri PrideFests Columbia College Booth
10x20 space example
page from 2022 program
back of 2022 shirt


  • Logo on t-shirts, program, logo link, and bio on the website
    • Your logo will  be prominently displayed on the back of the t-shirts
    • Your logo will be placed in the program that is passed out at the event as well as have your name listed on the map pages
    • You will have your own mini-bio page on our website from as early as May through the event. This bio can include:
      • Your logo
      • Photo
      • Social Media links
      • Direct Website link
      • Locations of your business
      • Business Hours
      • Promotions at the event
      • Location of your booth


  • Your individual logo banner on stage
    • You will have your own logo placed on a banner on the stage inside Rose Music Hall
Mid-Mo PrideFest Y107 Stage
logo banner placement example


  • Website sidebar advertisement on our site throughout September 
    • You may submit a banner advertisement to be located on our website that will remain up for the entire month of September (we receive over 50k organic hits during the month leading up to the event)
  • Advertised at all events leading up to the festival

    • You will be given a shout-out and thanks at the following events leading up to the event: 

      • The Gayest Pet Contest

      • Youth Talent Show

      • Youth Pageant

      • Adult Pageant

      • Any extra events we attend



  • Recognized from the stage throughout the day
    • We will shout out your business name and any quick message you send us several times throughout each day from the main stage
  • Scheduled 15-minute stage appearance
    • You may have the main stage all to yourself for a scheduled 15 minute time frame on either Saturday or Sunday. Feel free to be creative!
    • This could include a performance, give away, speech, or simply talk about your business and why you support pride!


  • Individually personalized social media posts
    • Posts will be shared at a minimum on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram 
    • You will have the opportunity to customize how you want your post to look on our social media platforms including:
      • A graphic (of your design)
      • Your logo
      • Your own advertising copy or promotional language
      • Any promotions, or advertising you’d like included
      • This will be posted in the month of September leading up to the event 
2022 parade entrant


  • Parade entry
    • You are automatically entered into the parade (we had nearly 600 participants and viewers combined last year at our inaugural parade


  • 10 meet and greet passes
    • You will be provided with 10 meet and greet passes to either day of our event for our headliners
  • 10 T-Shirts
    • You will receive 10 PrideFest T-shirts in sizes of your choosing 
  • Yard Sign(s)
    • You may have as many yard signs as you request
Yard Sign Save the Date
2022 yard sign

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