Mid-Mo Pridefest Vector
Join Parade

Do you love Color Guard? Or have you always wanted to be in one? Join the 2023 MidMo PrideFest Color Guard for the annual Pride Parade on Sunday, September 24th in downtown Columbia, Missouri at the Armory parking lot on Walnut Street. Participation is free to all who join! 

What to expect

  • Flags will be provided for participants for the duration of the practice and parade.
  • Participants from high school age and up are encouraged to join in the fun!
  • There will be NO official supervision other than the leader and parade volunteers for this event.
  • Please come dressed in comfortable clothing covered in rainbows!
  • Please wear comfortable walking shoes (the practice and parade can last up to 3 or more hours).
  • We will march rain or shine (unless there is dangerous weather).
  • You will receive the routine via email trhe first week of September (this will consist of only one 16 count routine to learn).
  • There will be a one hour practice on the day of the parade at 10:30am in the Columbia Armory parking lot before the parade.
  • Hydrate!

Contact janet.davis@midmopride.org for more information or any questions you may have regarding this activity.